We survived another winter! So what better way to shake off the cold and celebrate spring than with a fresh-to-death new hairstyle? With that in mind, we’ve put together our top 5 stylist must-have tools and products to make the freshest spring hairstyles…!

#5. Clips: Stylist tool 101! Colortrak Croc Clips are perfect for sectioning, volume control and holding large amounts of hair while coloring, cutting and styling. Their rubber finish will make sure that hair won’t slip while working!

#4. Brushes: Gone are the days of ‘one brush fits all’ – Colortrak offers a variety of brush widths, densities, and bristles. While traditional hard bristle brushes are perfect for highlights and root touch ups, a softer bristle is ideal for fluid painting.

#3. Film: Colortrak‘s Professional Haircoloring Film with cling free technology alleviates the headache that plastic wrap brings by sticking to itself, avoiding unwanted messes or unpredictable results. The perforated sheets allow for super easy prep and application and it is adaptable to different hair lengths!

#2. Professional Haircoloring Meche: The sheets are super easy to use and affordable, allowing stylists to decide whether to reuse or toss, and come in two different lengths – no more sticking two sheets together! The sheets are perfect for any free hand hair coloring technique, and come packaged in a stylish (and convenient!) dispenser box, making sectioning super simple!

#1. Detailing Brush: The new baby of Colortrak‘s family of brushes takes the number one spot on our list! The Detailing Brush is bound to make detailing jobs a breeze, helping to achieve precise painting trends like undercuts, glitter roots, sharp lines, as well as more traditional painting such as balayage and blending!

What do you think about our March favorites? Tell us your fave and be sure to tag @colortrak #colortraktools!!


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