They say bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to color brushes, we would disagree. Early in 2018 we introduced the biggest additions to our already huge selection of professional hair coloring tools. Colortrak’s XL Color Brushes, available in a variety of colors, bristles, and GLITTER have the broadest appeal in the industry!

Designed to help stylists cover larger sections of hair in a shorter amount of time, these 3” wide brushes save time during any color application process! Our XL Brushes are available in a 2 pack set that includes our signature Feather Bristles brush and a firm bristle brush which both feature wheat fiber handles. The ultra soft feather brush is designed to assist stylist in creating an effortless gradient effect, while the firm brush allows stylists to have more control while creating precision driven designs.

Variety of colors, bristles, and GLITTER!

Back by popular demand, a bigger and better glitter extravaganza! We took you to the Space with our Galaxy Glitter brushes, featuring a midnight sky wrapped 3” wide pitch black brush topped with our ultra soft feather bristles.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, this summer we took it to the next level with the Ibiza Collection. This summer collection was inspired from the Spanish beach of Ibiza to create a combination of both fashion and utility. In the Ibiza Collection you can find our wide brush in a pearly white, gold tips and the brush is graced with one-of-a-kind blush-pink bristles.

Ultimate coverage is an understatement for Colortrak XL Brushes, and the application is always seamless and concise. These wide brushes are an absolute time saver and a must-have for every serious hair colorist.


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“Colors Speak Louder than words”

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We have infused our strong company history with our extensive color background to create the most complete accessory line in the beauty industry. Our vision is to stay committed to research and development so that we may continue to create and roll out new color products.

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