The party never stops in Ibiza, and Colortrak is bringing all the noise with ALL NEW Ibiza Collection color brushes that are both sassy and classy with a hint of drop dead gorgeous glam. Available in two sizes, the Ibiza Collection color brushes are made of ultra soft feather bristles for creating beautiful color blends and styles using all kinds of different techniques to achieve client’s desired looks. These gorgeous color brushes with pearly white handles and gold tips come in a standard 2.5 inch wide and an astonishing extra large 3 inch wide bristle brush and both of these brushes work well with all formulations, so no worries when it comes to different formulas needed to achieve your styles.

“ Pearly white and gold accents , amazing! .”


The extra large 3 inch wide brush is perfect for achieving all over colors in half the time, and as we know time is money and who doesn’t want to save money, so the extra large color brush is truly a dream come true. Perfection in the palm of your hand is an understatement when using these luxurious color brushes with soft feather bristles that glide effortlessly across all hair types and create seamless blends. Sparkling white handles with gold accents on these brushes screams sunsets and beaches with a hint of high fashion and combine that with our soft blush bristles, instantly creating a match made in heaven.

The Ibiza Collection is a one of a kind Colortrak exclusive available at distributors listed on Be the first to feel the breezy essence of Ibiza with Colortrak’s  Ibiza Collection color brushes.

Check out our ambassadors using the Ibiza Collection Color Brushes at Colortrak’s Summer Camp 2018.

“Colors speak louder than words”



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