Guardians of The Galaxy… Glitter

To Infinity and Beyond !

Back by popular demand, a bigger and better glitter extravaganza, the true definition of a BIG BANG! Colortrak has taken us to outer space with the ALL-NEW dual pack Galaxy Glitter brushes topped with our one of kind wide ultra soft feather bristles. It’s not a party without glitter, and because these brushes work with all formulations Galaxy Glitter will keep the party going all day and night.

The Galaxy Glitter 2pk includes:

Celestial Glow: a 2.5” wide bristle brush featuring a bright moonlit glitter design with sterling white feather bristles

Meteor Shower: a midnight sky wrapped 3” wide pitch black bristled brush.  Designed to cover large sections of hair this brush is an absolute need, want, and must have for every hair colorist.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Colortrak took it to the next level and it’s too awesome to miss. Get your own little piece of the galaxy and shine bright like a diamond with the ALL-NEW Galaxy Glitter Brushes!

“Colors speak louder than words”

Bigger and Better than Ever | XL brushes by Colortrak


Colortrak introduces the XL Color Brush 2pk.
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Colortrak has rolled out a new 2pk of color brushes that provide the ultimate coverage in nearly half the time.


These brushes, which are a massive 3” wide, are designed to cover larger sections of hair, and allow stylists to color quickly and efficiently. These XL Brushes will be there to help you through thick and thin – and yes, we’re still talking about hair because you’ll find its extra width, which comes in both firm and ultra soft feather bristles, makes color application a breeze no matter how much hair a client has.

Ultimate coverage is an understatement for the XL Brush, and the application will be seamless and concise no matter which brush you decide to use. The ultra soft feather brush is designed to assist stylist in creating an effortless gradient effect found in both ombres and balayage styles, while the firm brush allows the stylist to have more control while creating precision driven designs. Either way, the XL Brush will be a salon tool that will bring ease and comfort to all colorist.



“Colors speak louder than words”

That Blend tho! | Colortrak Blending Tool + Perfect Blonde Balayage – How-to by @derekcashstyles


Colortrak Ambassador

Colortrak Brand Ambassador @derekcashstyles helps us introduce the Blending Tool, designed to reach the ideal color blend.

Feathery soft bristles gently blend colors to create transitional shades, eliminate hard lines and effortlessly create multi-dimensional looks.

“ Fun and dramatic transformation using
The Blending Tool!”



The Blending Tool
500ct Pop-up Foil
Balayage Board
Croc Clips

Watch as Derek walks us through his perfectly blended balayage technique.

Step 1: (Prep) –  Remove brassiness by applying a root color and an ash toner.

Step 2: Using a balayage board to back your sections, begin low lighting and balayaging the hair with your Blending Tool. The Blending Tool’s soft bristles create a gentle and seamless blend, eliminating hard lines.

Step 3: Foil each section of hair, and then repeat the process until the whole head is complete.

Step 4: Place under low heat for 20 minutes, remove foils, and then tone and blend the darker root color.

Step 5: Blow-dry, texturize and style for a finished look.



“Colors speak louder than words”

Question and Answer Time with the #colortrakfam!

The Colortrak Crew search isn’t over just yet! We’re on the hunt for new additions to our family of stylists. We sought to create this community to give talented individuals exposure and a chance to grow. They are all creative, innovate and passionate about what they do, and we want to give others the opportunity to join our 2018 Colortrak Family!

Have you entered the Colortrak Crew search yet? If you’re unconvinced, hear out our 2017 Colortrak Fam, as they tell us what being a member of the #colortrakfam has been like!

Our entry period is from November 15 to December 15, and the rules to enter are so simple! Just take a video of yourself using your favorite #colortraktools and tag us colortrakfam include the hashtags #colortrak #colortraktools and #colortrakcrew. DM us your video afterwards and tell us why YOU need to be apart of the #colortrakfam. We encourage everyone to enter; don’t be shy!

Welcome to our family! You have until Dec.15 to join!

What has being a part of the #colortrakfam meant to you?

Jennifer Hagy @j.hairistry

“The amazing family brought into my life and the opportunities to participate in events. Putting in input into possible future tools, getting to play with new tools and show our hair community how awesome Colortrak is!

We share new product ideas with all members and ask for their feedback. Our tools are crafted for stylists, so we go straight to the source. However, it’s more than just giving something to us. It’s about giving back to our members as well!”

Gabbi Tarquino @be_gabulous

“My favorite part was Premiere! I pitched an idea to the team and they allowed me to make my dream a reality. I had the chance to work alongside another member and promote the fabulous detailing brush while creating glitter roots!”

Would you recommend the Colortrak Fam to others?

Colortrak strives to make its Colortrak Fam members feel welcome, and everyone’s opinion is valued. Everyone is an integral part of our team, and no one goes unnoticed or is overlooked.

Olivia Smalley @omgartistry

“I love the commitment and warmth that Colortrak brings to the table. They would do ANYTHING for their team. They work tireless hours in order to help our team succeed.”

Hailey Malone @haileymahonehair

“Being a part of this family has been a dream. I would 100% recommend being a part of this family!”

Ricardo Jara @ricardojarahair

“I would recommend people to join the fam because it’s run by amazing people. You get to be involved in ideas and have a special bond with a whole new group of people that share the same passion and love for hair like you.”

McKenna Gustafson @mckenna__mckenna

“My favorite part of being a part of the Colortrak Fam is it’s like having a real family. We are all each other’s cheerleaders, supporters, and friends. We are spread out throughout the country, but I consider these people some of my best friends! We have each other’s backs and inspire each other every day! I couldn’t ask for anything more!”

 Elissa Wolfe @elissawolfe

“Becoming a part of something way bigger than my little salon world gave me the push I needed to go on my own and to know that I had a team behind me. I was in a salon that didn’t support me or see my hair vision… but Colortrak did!”

 Alexandra Fazio @haircircusfreaks

“This has opened many opportunities and made my dreams reality by being able to express myself onstage as a platform artist! Colortrak always treats us like family and welcomes us with open arms. I have learned so much this year and can’t wait to see what being on the team brings in for 2018!”


“Colors speak louder than words”



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