Colortrak introduces the XL Color Brush 2pk.
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Colortrak has rolled out a new 2pk of color brushes that provide the ultimate coverage in nearly half the time.


These brushes, which are a massive 3” wide, are designed to cover larger sections of hair, and allow stylists to color quickly and efficiently. These XL Brushes will be there to help you through thick and thin – and yes, we’re still talking about hair because you’ll find its extra width, which comes in both firm and ultra soft feather bristles, makes color application a breeze no matter how much hair a client has.

Ultimate coverage is an understatement for the XL Brush, and the application will be seamless and concise no matter which brush you decide to use. The ultra soft feather brush is designed to assist stylist in creating an effortless gradient effect found in both ombres and balayage styles, while the firm brush allows the stylist to have more control while creating precision driven designs. Either way, the XL Brush will be a salon tool that will bring ease and comfort to all colorist.



“Colors speak louder than words”



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