Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Colortrak Products.

What are the measurements of colortrak foil?

Our professional foil comes in variety of sizes:
1000ct Pop-up Foil: 5″ x 10″
500ct Pop-up Foil: 5″ x 10″
200ct Pop-up Foil: 8″ x 10″
400ct Double Pop-up Foil: 5″ x 10″
300ct Embossed Pre-cut Foil Sheets: 5″ x 8″
225ct & 45ct Vivid Foil Sheets (Pre-cut): 5″ x 8″
250ct Roll Foil: 5″ x 250ft
1350 Jumbo Roll Foil: 5″x 1350ft

Are colortrak gloves Latex or non-latex?

We offer both Latex Reusable gloves and non-latex (Vinyl) Disposable Gloves. See all of our gloves here.

How many ounces in your Applicator Bottles?

Our color applicator bottles hold 8 ounces.

Why does colortrak foil come in more than one color?

Many color services require multiple colors on a single client so to make tracking your highlights and low lights easier use a different color foil for each color you apply on your client.

Repelle FAQs

Why use Repelle?

Repelle protects the client from embarrassing stains, skin irritation and keeps a stylist performing like a professional.
Easy glide-on applicator allows for accurate application and little to no mess without having to waste time washing hands like with other methods. Your time is money!
Repelle is good for the skin and is easily wiped away with a cloth or towelette.

Does Repelle block hair color if you get it on the hair?

We recommend against getting Repelle on the hair, and we made it a stick so it’s easy to avoid contact with the clients hair. However, many times accidental contact wont block the color.

Return policy and procedures

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For any other questions, please write us at info@colortrak.com or call us on +001 305 769 3451


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Founded in 1980, colortrak is a division of Betty Dain Creations Inc. and is headquartered in Miami, FL


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